Premio Carlo Annoni


5th Edition
Winner English Language
Christoph Schlemmer – Happy Reincarnation
Special Mention
G. William Zorn – Sandman
Special Mention Comedy
Dan Mc Cormick – And Baby Makes Three
Winner Italian Language
– Francesco Magali – Il vomito di Dio  (In Cecenia i gay non esistono)
Special Mention
– Chicco Dossi – Out of the Blue
– Emanuele Giorgetti / Eliana Rotella – Rizomi  – mention Next Generation
assigned by the under 25 jury of the Paolo Grassi Theater School
– Emanuele Giorgetti / Eliana Rotella – Rizomi  – mention for the most innovative play
 – Alberto Milazzo –  Il binocolo di Ozanam


The fourth 2021 edition of the Annoni Award ended with a great response from the public and a high-level debate on theater and civil rights issues. English Language Winner Christian St. Croix with Monsters of the American Cinema. Special mention in English David Simpatico con X Gay Bar. Winners in Italian ex aequo Alberto Milazzo with Tu sei la Bellezza and Elise Wilk with Coccodrillo, special mentions to Roberto Cavosi with Il girotondo delle serve, Rosario Palazzolo with Eppideis, Chiara Tessiore with Cara Virginia.
Carlo Annoni International Dramaturgical Prize third edition
English Language Winner 
Joseph Aldous with Get Happy Special mention Musicals 
Gus Gowland with Pieces of string
Interstate: book and lyrics by Kit Yan/music and lyrics by Melissa Li
Italian language winners ex aequo
Fortunato Calvino with La Resistenza negata
Benedetto Sicca with Pochos
Special mention Antonio Lovascio with Calascibetta 44
Alberto Milazzo York with Aspettando Manon – Comedy
Special mention shorts Sergio Casesi with La peste
Premio Carlo Annoni
English language finalists Carlo Annoni Playwrighting Prize
Eliott Matthew Cherry – A finished heart
Tom Ecobelli & Peter Marino – You’re right, I’m dead
Ean Miles Kessler- Frankie Moon’s long gone
Joseph Aldous – Get Happy
Augusto Federico Amador – Kissing Che
Dave Osmundsen – Light switch
Nicholas Bourbaki – Silo
Nathan Evans – Swangsong
Aodhan Gallagher- The Vocations June
Jamal Williams – Buldagger Queen – (The Gladys Bentley Story)
English language shorts finalists Carlo Annoni Playwrighting Prize
David Dudley – 24 minutes
Mark Erson – Stonewall Shakedown
Catalina Florina Florescu – Moss
Laura Jacqmin – Space
Kat Mustatea – Carlett’s Just Carlett
Pieces of String: book, music, and lyrics by Gus Gowland
Interstate: book and lyrics by Kit Yan/music and lyrics by Melissa Li
Italian language finalists Carlo Annoni Playwrighting Prize
Fortunato Calvino – La Resistenza negata
Sergio Casesi – L a Peste
Federica Cucco – Greta che voleva tutto
Mariano Lamberti e Riccardo Pechini – Una coppia perfetta
Antonio Lovascio – Calascibetta44
Laura Mango – La macchia sulla tela
Alberto Milazzo – Aspettando Manon
Valentina Moscatiello – Bob
Mariagrazia Rispoli – Chi sei
Benedetto Sicca – Pochos


Huge congratulations to all the writers that submitted they heartfeld work.We received 689 plays  that we read over the last few months with passion and enthusiasm.

It was very hard to reach our final decision. Congratulations to our winners, that we formally acknorledge here below:

English language winner: Bixby Elliot, LINCOLN WAS FAGGOT

Special mention: Mark Erson , THE UNFINISHED GENIUS

Special mention short plays: Joe Gulla, SLEEPING WITH THE FISH “KIT Playwright Series – Stonewall 50”

Italian language winner: Laura Fossa, SHALOM

Special mention: Fortunato Calvino, SILK SKIN 

Special mention short plays: Federica Cucco, ORLANDO
CARLO ANNONI AWARD 2018 A big thank you to the jury and the public for the exciting day on June 14 at Palazzo Reale. The winners: were: Best play in Italian: “Zeus in Texas” by Sergio Casesi. Special mentions: “Gazali per l’emiro”by Ana Fernandez Valbuena “The odds of the asterisk (*)” by Lisa Capaccioli. “Gino, Monday rest” by Gianni Clementi. Best play in English: “Marc in Venice” by Mark Erson. The winning play “Zeus in Texas” will be on stage, in the form of “mise en espace”, at the Lecite/Visioni Festival at the Filodrammatici Theater of Milan on October 28th, 2018 At 6 PM The award ceremony evening was a great success with the public (more than 200 people) who celebrated the prize for playwrights dedicated to love. The authors’ personalities impressed the audience with the presence of playwrights like the Lutheran pastor Mark Erson of New York, who has his church in Christhopher street, home of the Stonewall riots, and the musician and writer Sergio Casesi, and the fresh author of The odds of the asterisk (*) Lisa Capaccioli and Ana Fernandez Valbuena with her refined culture, and Gianni Clementi with his originality. Ferdinando Bruni has enchanted the audience with the theatrical reading of passages from the winning play. We were all happily impressed by the response of the public proving that the Carlo Annoni Prize has great potential. The 2019 edition will be followed much more closely by the Municipality and by the patronizing theaters (Elfo Puccini, Filodrammatici, Teatro della Ringhiera, Outis Tramedautore) and there are already a lot of development ideas (openings to playwrights of repressive countries, prizes for young playwrights, and partnership with the Italian Theater Festival in New York).