The fourth 2021 edition of the Annoni Award ended with a great response from the public and a high-level debate on theater and civil rights issues.

English Language Winner Christian St. Croix with Monsters of the American Cinema. Special mention in English David Simpatico con X Gay Bar.

Winners in Italian ex aequo Alberto Milazzo with Tu sei la Bellezza and Elise Wilk with Coccodrillo, special mentions to Roberto Cavosi with Il girotondo delle serve, Rosario Palazzolo with Eppideis, Chiara Tessiore with Cara Virginia.



Ron Luce   Dave’s place

Stephen Wyatt   Told look younger

James Tollen –  Funeral flirts  

David Simpatico – X Gay Bar

Mark Erson – Over charged

Rankin Willard, AJ Schraeder, Bob Beshere – Craft Store Sitcom

Donna Hoke – On the roof

Omid Zagross – Home

Radu Popescu – The Will

Christian St. Croix – Monsters of the American Cinema

Ron Elisha – The soul of Wittgenstein


David Lewison – Exposure

Sage Martin – Dis / Connect


Silvia Nanni, Lettera 22

Fortunato Calvino – Vengo dal mare

Dino Lopardo – Ion 

Roberto Cavosi – Il girotondo delle serve

Alberto Milazzo – Tu sei la bellezza

Rosario Palazzolo – Eppideis

Elise Wilk – Coccodrillo

Marco Di Stefano – La strategia dell’opossum

Enrico Tavernini – Le cadavre exquis

Massimo Lazzeri  –  L’amore imprevisto


Chiara Tessiore – Cara Virginia

Antonio Mocciola – Stoccolma


We closed the first stage of our 4th edition of Carlo Annoni International Playwriting Prize.
This year we have received 959 plays from 33 countries, which is way more than the 759 plays we received last years (+200). After our pre-selection stage, jury members will be sent the 10 finalist in the language chosen.
So far we have received:
737 in English (+135 vs. 2020)
222 in Italian  (+64 vs.2020)
The 737 plays in English are from:
548 USA
189 other countries
Total plays (959) by country:
USA 548
Italy 222
England 96
Canada 23
Scotland 15
Ireland 9
Australia 8
India 4
Nigeria 3
Nuove Zealand 2
Portugual 2
Turkey 2
Romania 2
Israel 2
Iceland 2
Spain 2
Greece 1
Brazil 1
Poland 1
Russia 1
Pakistan 1
Chile 1
France 1
Oman 1
Uganda 1
Zimbabwe 1
Philippines 1
Belgium 1
Netherlands 1
Czech Republic  1
Northern Ireland 1
Macedonia 1
Belarus 1
The 548 plays from USA are from 42 states (over a total of 50 states) and they are: 
New York 170
California 97
Texas 24
Illinois 23
New Jersey 22
Florida 21
Massachusetts 19
Washington 16
Ohio 13
North Carolina 13
Pennsylvania 12
Connecticut 11
Oregon 9
Missouri 8
Virginia 7
Indiana 7
South Carolina 6
Maryland 6
Michigan 6
Colorado 6
Georgia 6
Minnesota 5
Kentucky 4
Kansas 3
Rhode Island 3
New Hampshire 3
Montana 3
Nevada 2
Louisiana 2
Wisconsin 2
Utah 2
Maine 2
Tennessee 2
Hawaii 1
Arkansas 1
Alabama 1
Oklahoma 1
Iowa 1
Nebraska 1
Arizona 1
North Dakota 1
Vermont 1

Carlo Annoni International Playwriting Prize accepts plays on any topic affecting the LGBTQ+ community, and the promotion of diversity in love, society, politics and culture.

We dedicate the 2021 Carlo Annoni Prize to all those individuals that fight to see their right to love respected both in Italy and in the world, and to those experiencing discrimination because of their identity.

Two plays (one in English and one in Italian) will be awarded the amount of 1.000 Euros each.

Special mentions might be given to: 

  • BEST COMEDY: for a play on relationships
  • BEST SHORT PLAY: a special mention will be given to a short play of a maximum of 10 minutes length
  • BEST WORK ON ASYLUM SEEKERS: for a play on the topic of asylum-seeking for those persecuted for their sexual orientation.

New deadline for submission

For info, jury details and regulations, please check

No participation fee is required. 

We are happy to consider plays that have already been performed.

The award ceremony will take place in September 2021. 


Carlo Annoni International Dramaturgical Prize third edition
English Language Winner 

Joseph Aldous with Get Happy
Special mention Musicals 
Gus Gowland with Pieces of string
Interstate: book and lyrics by Kit Yan/music and lyrics by Melissa Li
Italian language winners ex aequo
Fortunato Calvino with La Resistenza negata
Benedetto Sicca with Pochos
Special mention
Antonio Lovascio with Calascibetta 44
Alberto Milazzo York with Aspettando Manon – Comedy
Special mention shorts
Sergio Casesi with La peste
In the framework of the 20th edition of Tramedautore – International Dramaturgy Festival, on Sunday 13 September 2020 at 15.00 at the Nina Vinchi Cloister of the Piccolo Teatro Grassi in Via Rovello 2, Milan, the award ceremony of the Carlo Annoni International Dramaturgical Prize will take place. Practical information will follow.
Premio Carlo Annoni